SKI 010
Skihouse Sampler Vol. 2

A compilation that documents the 13 month period when the Skihouse Annex Studio was operated out of a 100-year old former Post Office in West Frankfort, Illinois. Featuring tracks from Secondary Modern, Parlor, Nighty Night, Staring Problem, William Feigns, Big Surr, Wei Zhongle, The Jewels, Freedom Ride, The Heat Tape, Jessica Jolly, Black Fortys, Wild Murphy & The New Year, Catholics and The Pill, Rob Jacobs, Government Jobs, Kid Tiger, and Tin Tin Can.

SKI 009
Nighty Night - S/T LP

Our first LP release! This record draws from all of Nighty Night's career, from their first recordings to their last. Hear their tight, folky stompers evolve in to fuzzy romps in dreamy, reverb-drenched euphoria, ending with the off the cuff jams of a road worn but tour tightened group of best friends. Mastered by Carl Saff, and pressed on deluxe 150g black vinyl, with handwritten lyric sheet by Mary Stemper!

SKI 008
The Jewels - Introducing : The Jewels CD

The debut release for The Jewels, who are making jazz for a new generation. Informed by a wide range of influences, The Jewels mange to squeeze krautrock, swing, psychedelia, hip hop, chamber pop, and latin influences into this CD that somehow still remains cohesive and original. Frontman Kevin Ohlau spews his musicality all over this record, playing 8 different instruments in addition to singing. Their songs keep a quirky, fun quality that appeals to the listener by never getting too seriously brain-y, which allows them to slide in and out of generes with natural ease. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwork and packaged in a beautiful pink sleeve, with photography by Laura Partain.

SKI 007
Government Jobs - Big Swing People 7" EP

From the always moving mind of Brett Haley comes his newest project, Government Jobs. This 7" picks up where Haley's Spokesmen left off, this time with Brett playing all the instruments himself, and lands on a less-frenzied, more melodic and groove oriented ground. Government Jobs channels the direct intensity of Spokesmen and borrows from the quirky beat-centric style of Parlor (another Haley project), and is sure to please fans of either band, as well as fans of Love, The Wipers, and Buddy Rich. Limited to 300 copies on purple swirl vinyl, with screen-printed cardboard jackets. Artwork by Bert Haney.

SKI 006
Rob Jacobs & Nighty Night - Split Cassette Tape

This split tape features Nighty Night's Loan Sister EP + two bonus tracks recorded at Minbal in Chicago on the Flannel side, and Rob Jacobs' Airborne Nathan Sessions on the Dashiki side. The Airborne Nathan Sessions show Rob's talents in a stripped down and revealing light, fully acoustic with accompaniment from John McCowen on Clarinet, Flute, and Bass Clarinet. A beautiful thing to behold. (out of print)

SKI 005
Nighty Night - Loan Sister EP

This EP shows Nighty Night in their most intense form. Written after a 6-month break from any real action, the band put it in high gear and secluded themselves in the huge Tomcat Hill Cabin for a week. They emerged with this tight yet dreamy 4-song EP, their most fully realized effort to date, achieving a dark intensity underlining their delicate beauty. 200 copies released on hand stamped CD-Rs. (out of print)

SKI 004
Spokesmen - New Land Cassette Tape

This EP is the follow-up to the awesome full-length that Spokesmen released on Let's Pretend. Hitting even harder, faster, and groovier than that offering, this 4 song tape captures Spokesmen at their peak. Limited to 100 copies on clear blue cassettes with screen printed covers by Marcus Mader.

SKI 003
Small Time London Thug - S/T EP

The only surviving document of the Carbondale super-group Small Time London Thug, this EP holds 6 of their fuzziest damaged-pop numbers. Featuring Cat Copeland of the infamous Moon Buggy Kids, David Allen of Nighty Night and Spokesmen, Elizabeth Lovell of Catholics and The Pill, and Cody Beckman of the Mudsills. (out of print)

SKI 002
North Americans - S/T Cassette Tape

This tape chronicles the brief existence of the great Carbondale band North Americans, who ushered in a tide of change in the Carbondale music scene, paving the way for many groups who followed in their footsteps. This tape contains their only studio recordings, plus 2 live shows at now defunct venues, Booby's and the original Hangar 9. RIP.

SKI 001
Skihouse Sampler Vol. 1
Sampler featuring all of the bands who recorded in the first wave of Skihouse studio sessions, plus a few friends. Bands include Young Loves, Himalayas, Nighty Night, Conniptions Fitts, Secondary Modern, Spokesmen, North Americans, Black Fortys, Gods On Safari, Shithawk, and a few others. Limited to 200 copies with screen printed sleeves and CDs. (out of print)