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    Rob Mazurek's 'Alternate Moon Cycles' ( MORE )

    "We just headed up to Chicago to record Rob Mazurek perform "Alternate Moon Cycles', featuring Matt Lux and Mikel Avery, to 4-track 1/4" tape in the basement of Gilt Bar. The show was presented by our pal at Uncanned Music. While in town, we were also able to record a performance by the Jason Stein Quartet, with Joshua Abrahms, Keefe Jackson, and Frank Rosaly. Audio will be available soon, and we will be back in Chicago in January to record an installment of James Falzone's KLANG!!! 4-week residency at Bar Deville, again presented by Uncanned."

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    Live Video : Wei Zhongle
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    "Our move in to a brand new studio space is finally complete, and our friends Wei Zhongle stopped by to make the first recording there. We filmed a live performance, with the audio recorded to 8-track tape. Check out the video for '48 Laws' here. Wei Zhongle just finished a whirlwind tour of the East Coast in the dead of winter, including a 5 night run in Brooklyn. We will begin production on their second album in March. You can stream and download their debut album here, which was recorded at the old annex studio space."

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    SKI-009: Nighty Nighty LP
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    "Our first LP release is coming soon! This record draws from all of Nighty Night's career, from their first recordings to their last. Hear their tight, folky stompers evolve in to fuzzy romps in dreamy, reverb-drenched euphoria, ending with the off the cuff jams of a road worn but tour tightened group of best friends. Mastered by Carl Saff, and pressed on deluxe 150g black vinyl, with handwritten lyric sheet by Mary Stemper! Stream the album here, and order from our store. "

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    On Tour With Tweak Bird
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    "We're taking a break from the studio and hitting the road! DA will be the FOH Engineer for LA-based Tweak Bird on a European tour across France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Czech Republic this January-February. Check out the dates at Tweakbird.com, and scope their new LP 'Undercover Crops', which is out now! "